Best streaming sites

Online streaming to watch everything from live news, classic movies to modern TV favorites on your own time.¬†Here is a list of best streaming media services and their price. Let’s check out!

Best Streaming media sites

Best streaming media services

1. Netflix

Starting price: $8 per month
Netflix provides unlimited streaming of TV shows, movies, comedy specials, and original programming for one monthly subscription fee. It offers wide selection, high quality, and good performance consistency.

2. Hulu

Starting price: $8 per month
Hulu is the best solution for network shows. It’s perfect for those who want to watch latest TV shows but dont want to invest in a cable subscription or an HD antenna. the service hosts a number of original shows, a selection of offbeat movies, and a large amount of classic anime series.

3. Amazon

Starting price: $99 per year or $7.99 per month
It offers a wide content selection, and good original shows. Other Prime benefits included also. However, the bad point is that it rarely offers brand-new videos. The separate Amazon Video provides easy access to current movies, but it’s an √† la carte service.

4. PlayStation Vue

Starting price: $50 per month

It ofers a huge channel selection and strong DVR capabilities. you can get to a cable subscription without actually getting a cable company involved.

5. Sling.TV

Starting price: $20 per month
Sling sounds pretty much like a traditional cable service. Pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for about thirty real-time channels. But there’s no contract and no set-top box rental fee. Sling offers a variety of ESPN channels. You can also watch other popular networks like NBC, BBC America, CNN, Cartoon Network, TBS and the Food Network.

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